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Chelsea Cloisters, Sloane Avenue SW3 3DW
Nearest tube station: South Kensington
020 7581 3355


Our delicious food menu is provided by our shady associates next door at Gaucho

Chimi Chips

V 5

Hand-cut chips seasoned with thyme salt, served with homemade chimichurri sauce

Padrón Peppers

V V+ 5.5

Pan-fried padrón peppers with crispy garlic

Mini Choripán


Traditional Argentine mini choripán served with chimichurri mayonnaise and finished with crispy onion

Mini Pinchos


Mini pinchos of chorizo with homemade chimichurri mayonnaise

Beef Empanada


Slow cooked beef with onion, red pepper, golden raisin, chilli and cumin

Sweet Potato & Provolone Empanada

V 6

Sweet Potato with Italian Provolone Cheese, roasted onions and garlic, chipotle chilli and smoked paprika

Chicken & Chorizo Empanada


Slow cooked chicken with onion, chorizo, garlic, sundried tomato, smoked paprika, parsley

Gaucho Sliders


100% Argentine beef patty served in a brioche bun with a cherry tomato jam, baby gem lettuce, onion and mayonnaise

Steak Sandwich


Sliced Argentine Picanha steak served in a toasted ciabatta roll with Monterey Jack cheese, mustard onions, crispy onions and chimichurri mayo

To all Aries! Our shady associates have put together a list of secret cocktail ingredients that matches your star sign, for you to create the perfect birthday tipple from home!