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Pssst, Detective! Chelsea’s most notorious speakeasy has become famous for something a little more sinister… the scene of a terrible crime.

£45pp: Immersive murder mystery + welcome cocktail

Murder On The Barts Floor

Thursday 8th September | 6.45pm - 9pm

Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery? Join a host of mysterious suspects and take part in this thrilling interactive experience.


The year is 1926 and Chicago is in turmoil, as crime runs rampant. Mr Bart DeSimone and his gang, using his own form of illegal control, have been trying to keep the peace. Mr DeSimone has invited some of his closest friends to his own speakeasy for a soirée to forget all the darkness of the city, but the question is…. can he survive the night?

Each of the ‘guests of honour’ hold dark secrets and possible reasons for murdering Bart DeSimone. But only one can be the killer! The rest are guilty until they prove their innocence…


Guests will manoeuvre their way through the infamous Chelsea Cloisters to find the secret black door. Beyond, lies London’s first speakeasy, a 1920s prohibition-style bar tucked away in an apartment building, and the setting to a gruesome murder…

Firstly, enter the apartment to find a room of suspects, each with their own potential, spine-chilling motive. Then, it’s time to take in all the evidence. Get to know the scene, the characters, the motives and carefully prepare your line of questioning – all to unravel the intriguing murder mystery narrative.

Afterwards, we’ll cool your nerves with a toast to the deceased and a complimentary drink from Barts’ murderously good cocktail menu. Then, sit back and enjoy as the venue transforms into what it’s best known for – a sizzling speakeasy!


  • Roberto De Luca – Bart DeSimone’s loyal and dedicated right-hand man. The one Bart calls on for all the heavy lifting – you barely see one without the other. Is there another reason Roberto doesn’t want Bart out of his sight?
  • Anna Russo – A well-known wealthy socialite and wife of the Mayor of Chicago. She invests in various different enterprises and knows Bart through her charitable ventures. But does she know more about his ‘business’ than she’s letting on?
  • Benjamin Avery – A rum runner who has worked with Bart DeSimone since he moved to Chicago. He is famous for his trade and can get you any sort of liquor you want from all over the world. Is there something that he now wants from Bart?
  • Rose De Simone – Bart’s wife, a New York beauty who came to Chicago and fell for the King of Crime. Rose and Bart have been married for a few years and they are the perfect team. But are they as perfect as husband and wife?